Wake Up, Rid Country Of Bad Leadership, Prophet el-Buba Tasks Nigerians

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

As he embarks on a nationwide tour to sensitise Nigerians on the need to see a new Nigeria with leaders devoid of greed, General Overseer of the Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministry, Jos and the Convener For the Movement of Initiative of a Brighter and Better Nigeria,  Prophet Isa elBuba, has called on Nigerians to unite to rid the nation of selfish leaders.
El-Buba made the call in Kaduna when he visited prominent religious leaders on Thursday September 19, 2019.
He was worried about the present situation of things in the country, expressing optimism that if the masses unite, they can push out selfish leaders and enthrone those that would protect the lives and property of the masses.
“We must decide what type of leadership we want to see. The only way we can do it is to join forces with like minds.
“The politicians are so greedy and selfish, all they think about is the next election.
“I want to see a new Nigeria that is a new breed without greed,” he stressed.
El-Buba lamented that poverty in the country is getting worse, leading to several vices as people have resulted to negative means if survival.
“Nigerians with fear of God have to put our acts together and clean up the nation.

“If we get it right, we will now put Nigeria on the table and fashion a way forward,” he said.

The popular cleric explained that in view of his passion to see a Nigeria that is prosperous and free of all forms of oppression, is embarking on a nationwide tour which has seen him already visit Lagos.

“It is a nationwide tour, I have been to Lagos, will be going round the while country,” he said.

He was optimistic that idpf the good people in the country come together, they can relegate the few bad ones to the background.
His first port if call was the residence of revered Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gummi, before his entourage proceeded to the Kaduna State Secretariat of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), where he met the leadership, headed by Reverend John Hayab.
Speaking separately both religious leaders commended him for the sacrifice and assured him of support in ensuring Nigerians are united to fight their common enemy, which is bad leadership.

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