IBBN being a National movement with branches in all the 36 States of Nigeria and their Local Governments including the FCT engages in mobilization, training, coaching and mentoring programs through conferences, public lectures, seminars, Online TV shows, the social media and publications for the sole purpose of recovering, restoring and restructuring Nigeria for the good of all.


Being that IBBN does not support or champion any particular religious movement, IBBN runs a daily prayer network for both Muslims and Christians for the promotion of peaceful coexistence, stability, and progress in all the spheres of government.


We also carryout Electoral sensitization to educate the electorates from the grassroots on everything thing they need to know about conducting and preparing themselves for a successful electioneering process. We will also monitor and guide the electoral process:

  1. PVC registrations: We make sure all eligible voters are registered and Nigerians have their PVCs.
  2. Electoral material distribution: We ensure the timely release and distribution of all electoral materials to the various polling units.
  3. Observation of elections at all levels from the State to the Ward levels and polling units.
  4. Observation of electoral agencies such as INEC, security agencies and Political parties. Also the monitoring of the final collation and broadcast of election results by INEC.

We will be actively engaged in selecting and sponsoring credible candidates that will contest for elections. These will be men and women of character, competence and mental capacity to see to the rebirth of a new Nigeria from the ward to National level.

IBBN stands as a central networking force that collaborates, negotiates and synergies with other organizations for the sole purpose of fostering a common goal for the effective mobilization of elections for national rebirth.

Social Activties

1. IBBN intervenes in crisis areas by providing materials for displaced people/communities.

2. IBBN helps in building communities by providing housing and basic amenities through it’s Nehemiah project.

3. IBBN helps in giving scholarships to the disadvantaged in the society irrespective of tribe or religious background.

4. IBBN stands as the voice to the voiceless, defender of the defenseless and hope to the hopeless.

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