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Initiative for a Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN)

Initiative for a Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN) is a national transformation movement of the true breed of patriotic Nigerians across the nation and the world who have decided to become agents of positive change and transformation. We believe beyond every doubt that God has a great plan for our nation Nigeria to become one of the greatest nations and economy not just in Africa but in the world. But for this to happen, we the citizens of this great nation must arise and take responsibility of our environment thereby becoming the channel God will use in fulfilling His ultimate will and purpose for Nigeria and the world.

Nigerians are great people and so must become the salt and the light of this nation and the world through our exemplary lifestyle of peace, equity, justice and accountability.

God is the owner and controller of the universe but yet needs men to execute His great plans upon the earth and so for this reason, God has raised a man for Himself. A fearless leader and a voice for this nation. A visionary freedom fighter with the courage and wisdom to lead the people of this great nation to arise and put an end to the corruption and injustice in our government. To restore the true values and principles of Democracy, rule of law, equity, social justice, and liberty for all Nigerians regardless of their religion, ethnicity, gender, or social status. He’s a true Nigerian with the Nigerian spirit of hospitality and hard work. He is the Convener of the movement INITIATIVE FOR A BETTER AND BRIGHTER NIGERIA. He is Amb. Dr. Isa El-buba Sadiq.

Millions of Nigerians across the nation and abroad have embraced this movement and have risen to the challenge, making up their minds to unite with IBBN and see to the rebirth of a corrupt free nation; a Better and Brighter Nigeria. It is on this great note that we have decided to heed the massive call from all Nigerians to Amb. Dr. Isa El-buba Sadiq to lead Nigerians in choosing and electing credible leaders of integrity with proven track record who will champion the emergence of the Nigeria of our dreams.

What we stand for

IBBN believes that there is no present or future without a past. Therefore we recognize the great efforts of our founding fathers and national heroes. We believe like our National Anthem states, “the labors of our heroes past shall never be in vain”. And so we represent a people who are ready to carry on with the great work our fathers began after our independence in 1960 restoring the broken walls in our nation and building a New Nation where every tribe and ethnicity will be equally represented in the governing process of our Nigeria. We represent a people willing to work to restore the pride we used to have when we say “I am a Nigerian”. We stand for true Justice for all, respect for human life and equity with the fear of God. We stand for a Nigeria that is UNITED. A Nigeria that is peaceful, prosperous and purpose driven.

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