The Convener of Initiative for a Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN) Amb. Dr Isa El-buba Sadiq on Monday 16th December 2019 while addressing the nation called on the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad to resign from office or refute his statements where he called for the amendment of the Nigerian Constitution as well as the adoption of the Sharia Law in the Nigerian Constitution.


In his address, the convener of IBBN said that Nigeria already had good laws that are capable of ensuring good governance and for that to happen, these laws need to be strictly obeyed. He went further to state that when looking at the states where the Sharia Law is in full operation, they fall into the category of some of the poorest states in Nigeria. And even in those states, it is the poorest of the masses that are subjected to it and not the elite.


Amb. Dr Isa El-buba Sadiq also called on  President Buhari to stand up for uprightness and Justice in his government stating that history will eventually hold him to account. The man of God also stated that in a bid to ensure a new and better Nigeria, he would personally lead Nigerians in signing a petition calling for the reforms of the  Electoral laws and promised to see to it that a Bill is sent to the National Assembly for such amendments. He charged all Nigerians home and abroad to wake-up and rise-up to the realities on ground. He called on all Nigerians who are tired of the ugly state of things and are willing to bring about a Better and Brighter Nigeria to rise up and sign the petition for the reforms of our electoral laws as well as also register with the National Transformation movement called INITIATIVE FOR A BETTER AND BRIGHTER NIGERIA (IBBN) by logging onto their website to sign the petition and register online.


He concluded his address by reassuring Nigerians that there is still hope for a Better and Brighter Nigeria to be birthed and that all Nigerians must now come together regardless of religious or ethnic differences to make this country great again for it is time to recover our country!

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  1. The Ambassador December 18, 2019

    This is indeed the way forward!!

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