No supreme court date for review of judgement yet ― Ihedioha’s SSG.

The former Secretary to the State Government, SSG, Uche Onyegucha to supreme court sacked governor of Imo, Emeka Ihedioha, on Tuesday said that the apex court has not given them a date for the review of the 14 January 2020 judgement that upheld Senator Hope Uzodinma as validly elected governor of Imo and voided that of Ihedioha. Onyegucha among other things spoke in Owerri and reacted to the march 9th being put about as a date for the review of the judgement by the supreme court.

Ihedioha’s SSG, a former lawmaker who represented Owerri Federal constituency, said that they will wait for the Supreme Court to give them an authentic date and not a date produced from the social media. As captured by Vanguard, in what were the opinions of Onyegucha, on the supreme court verdict, “What we are doing is to ask the supreme court with every sense of humility to vacate that nullity of a judgement. “In the case of Atiku vs Buhari, that for any result be tendered that it must be tendered by one person in this particular case the so-called 388 boot results were tendered by one deputy commissioner of police, who was actually with me at INEC, office from morning till evening.

“In all honesty, the facts are there the 388 results were not tendered as they are claiming, what they tendered was 328 results. “Even when the deputy commissioner of police was asked in court because I was in court, if he’s aware where these results were generated he said I do not know and in law that is hearsay evidence and the lower court rejected the evidence. “The supreme court in a case of APP against Uche Nwosu upheld the decision that Uche Nwosu, was disqualified on the grounds that he’s the candidate of two political parties. The two political parties he was identified to have been their candidate AA and APC.” Vanguard asked the former SSG on what he knows about the stage of the review at the Supreme court Onyegucha said: “The supreme court is to determine that. Once you put in your application the supreme court will determine the process, the time to be heard and when you should be invited. When he was asked if the application has been filled he answered: “This is for the lawyers in Abuja, and they are handling it. Also, Vanguard asked if he’s aware of the March 9th, he said: “Well I am not going by the social media. I am waiting for the Supreme Court to tell us the date when they will be willing to hear our application that is the record I will work with.”

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